17/05/06 Paul Milnes Summer Series Round 2
Halifax Grammar School
These are the results as far as I can ascertain.  If you can add any names/clubs etc please e mail me.  When I get the full list from the organiser I will update this page.  Darrell
1 I Taylor Paul Milnes RT
2 R Binks Huddersfield RC V40
3 R Thackray Paul Milnes RT
4 R Bradbury Aire Valley RT
5 D Bradbury Norton Wh V40
6 O Mitten Huddersfield RC
7 A Simpson Raleigh L
8 P Wilson Chevin Cycles
9 C Moses
10 R Watson Paul Milnes RT
11 C Smith EBCC
12 P Young Team Marie Curie
13 I Nerurkar
14 G Bailey
15 M Chandler
16 P Ingham
17 S Barnes Seacroft Wh
18 I Ferguson
19 J Shenton Paul Milnes RT
20 P Thackray Paul Milnes RT
21 S Ross Seacroft Wh
22 J Credland Aire Valley RT
23 Craven Moses
24 F Rothwell Paul Milnes RT
25 P Stone
26 P Bradford Paul Milnes RT
27 J Redmond Paul Milnes RT